Headed to Hospital

LogicJunction's Integrated
Wayfinding System

LogicJunction specializes in interactive wayfinding solutions for hospitals. Our systems provide step-by-step directions and up-to-the-minute information to hospital patients and visitors. Directions can be accessed and printed from any web browser, smart phone, hospital terminal or dedicated hospital wayfinding kiosks. The result: improved patient-flow, an increase in on-time appointments, more efficient use of staff time, reduced costs and a significantly enhanced patient experience, all at a cost far less than you would pay a single FTE.

Visit Pre-PlanningVisit Pre-Planning allows patients to get one comprehensive set of directions including driving directions, recommended parking, and walking directions, from home to their destination.
Staff AssistedStaff Assisted wayfinding enables visitors to obtain from any staff member a printed set of walking directions from their location to anywhere on campus.
Self-service kiosks Self-service kiosks provide 24x7 wayfinding guidance in multiple languages, and includes a fully-fledged digital signage system.
Mobile accessSelf-service Mobile accommodates the high-tech user by providing the full wayfinding experience on their mobile devices.

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