Healthcare Solutions

Patients dealing with chronic conditions or serious health issues at your facility are typically too distracted and overwhelmed to truly benefit from typical education tools, much less retain any training they received in the moment. This has been proven time and again to lead to decreased adherence to carefully laid out care plans including medication regiments, ADL (activities of daily living) maintenance and appointments – quickly leading to adverse health effects and re-hospitalizations that could have been avoided.

This is where LogicJunction steps in…

Engaged Patients = Better Outcomes

From the moment your patient begins to interact with the Virtual Nurse, a special connection begins. Intrigued by the 3D environment, first amused and then reassured by the avatar, the user engages with and becomes immersed in the system. This engagement is critical for information comprehension, absorption and retention, and is core to what makes LJLearn such a valuable, differentiated tool.

Using LJLearn’s Virtual Nurse system can help solidify, reinforce and confirm that education critical to the care plan has been properly learned.

Don’t be left guessing about your patient’s well-being after they leave your facility. With LJLearn, you can enable the patient to take the interactive training with them on a personal device. Reinforce positive outcomes by providing new content to support evolving patient needs.

a graphic of how the education and training application fills in the gaps
a graphic of the benefits of the education and training application, track progress, reduce errors, pinpoint critical areas

Unburdened Staff = Superior Care

Your nurses are already tasked with ever-mounting responsibilities. Effective patient education required for successful patient discharge is not always a top priority, although a critical step in preventing readmission.

LJLearn enables clinical staff to hand off repetitive, time consuming tasks to a virtual nurse that will engage each patient and draw them into the learning experience.

LJLearn enables staff to:

  • Utilize analytics to gain valuable insights into their patient’s progress
  • Reduce errors through consistent training on key topics
  • Pinpoint areas where patients lack understanding of important information
  • Gain insight into patient progress and provide corrections or guidance in real-time

LJLearn Powered Organizations = More Referrals, Fewer Readmissions, Increased Revenue

As a healthcare organization, you are under a lot of pressure to perform. You’re expected to improve the level of care while simultaneously reduce the associated costs. You’re under constant scrutiny from your referral partners who you depend on to meet your revenue targets. And now the need to maintain the relationship with your patients post-discharge is critical in securing your long-term success.

LJLEARN will help you address those challenges and differentiate your business.

  • Increase physician satisfaction and referrals
  • Create a unique prevention strategy that your hospital partners are looking for
  • Reduce costly staff time
  • Utilize documentation of progress and completion of training in support of risk management
  • Extend your engagement with the patient after discharge
  • And the service is reimbursable by Medicare and payers