LogicJunction’s Wayfinding App for Hospitals Enhances Patient Experience and Facility Success

Navigating your hospital can be confusing and challenging – resulting in lost patients, missed appointments, staff interruptions and an overall poor patient experience. All of which negatively impact your reputation and HCAHPS scores.

LogicJunction’s wayfinding app for hospitals offers the perfect solution. With our wayfinding app, your patients are prepared for their appointments and can easily navigate your facility without feeling that they are in a maze. Our hospital wayfinding app offers appointment reminders and integrated navigation that provides door-to-door directions for patients, including best-parking information. Once inside your hospital, visitors can access turn-by-turn indoor navigation to arrive at the correct location for their appointment, on time.

The user’s location is automatically detected, and they can use the Favorites feature to store their parking spot of any commonly visited locations. Plus, as they visit your hospital, you can engage them with proximity-based messaging through the wayfinding app. From welcome messages to promotions, the possibilities are endless.



Why use a wayfinding app for your hospital?

Today’s patients expect stress-free, seamless navigation throughout your hospital – after all, if they are able to navigate around the country and even world without getting lost, navigating around a leading hospital system shouldn’t be an issue.

In addition to helping enhance the patience experience, wayfinding apps are also a cost-saving opportunity for hospitals. Currently, 30% of first-time hospital visitors get lost which can result in patient dissatisfaction, costing a hospital $62,500 per dissatisfied patient. Furthermore, each year hospitals lose an average of $150,000 on missed appointments. And staff interruptions, such as assisting patients with directions, cost the average hospital another $220,000 each year. A wayfinding app engineered specifically for hospitals provides the solution hospitals need to effectively address and avoid these issues. With this solution in play, patient satisfaction goes up, and your hospital costs go down.

Why LogicJunction for your hospital wayfinding app?

Our proven solution:

LogicJunction offers the only wayfinding app solution that provides 100% coverage for all patients, visitors and staff, and perfectly integrates with your existing signage. Our wayfinding app offers user-friendly interaction that makes patient access simple and stress-free – Patients have everything they need at their fingertips. If visitors ever need assistance, they can access live help, engage with hospital kiosks or download the app on their smartphone. We cover every angle to ensure each visitor’s and patient’s needs are fully met.

Our unmatched focus on long-term customer success:

At LogicJunction, we are committed to your success. Once your hospital has implemented our wayfinding technology, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to drive customer adoption and maximize the system’s benefits. We also include unlimited support at no extra charge.

This level of commitment has supported the success of our clients and established our reputation as a leading source for wayfinding solutions for hospitals. Since 2000, LogicJunction has continued to set ourselves apart from the competition by creating the best-in-class, interactive technologies. Hospitals across the country are experiencing the advantages of partnering with LogicJunction for their wayfinding strategies.

Discover More about Wayfinding Apps for Your Hospital

LogicJunction’s wayfinding technology is designed to help your patients, visitors and staff on their preferred device every step of the way. Our full-service solutions cover:

  • Visit pre-planning
  • Staff-assisted wayfinding
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Self-service mobile wayfinding
  • Turn-by-turn indoor navigation
  • Proximity based notification
  • LiveConnect video chat
  • Digital signage
  • Web-based content management tools

Contact us for a demo and discover how LogicJunction’s wayfinding hospital app can help you.