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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hybrid Indoor Positioning and why should we consider it?

Animals use the Earth’s magnetic fields to locate themselves and proximity to destinations, such as birth places and feeding grounds.  Smartphones have similar sensors that can interpret the magnetic field variations inside modern buildings.  Our hybrid approach combines the use of geomagnetic location-based data with your access points, and BLE beacons to support a highly accurate blue dot experience.  Our approach reduces the need for additional infrastructure which translates into less hardware and lower maintenance for your organization.

How much time does it take to implement a wayfinding system?
We approach wayfinding projects in two phases- we can install our web based platform and kiosks within 14 weeks from project kick-off. Mobile typically requires an extra 6-8 weeks for setup and testing.
Where are your wayfinding systems installed?
Our wayfinding systems are installed all across the world. Though we mostly work with hospitals, we’re excited to implement into other industries!
We don’t have an app. Do we need one?
No! We can create a mobile wayfinding app for you, or you can use our SDK that can be integrated into an existing app.
What kind of engagement and adoption can I expect, do you help with that?

We are 100% vested in your wayfinding system along with your team.  We’ve developed a launch kit that will help you promote engagement and drive adoption.  Click here for more information.

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Empowering Organizations with Indoor Location Technology

More than twenty years ago, LogicJunction set out with a vision to develop interactive technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Since that time, we’ve honed in on market needs, our areas of expertise, and have built one of the most innovative indoor location...

Designing User-Friendly Indoor Maps

Designing User-Friendly Indoor Maps LogicJunction designs user-friendly indoor maps for organizations using best practices we’ve developed through user testing. One of the first steps in creating a digital map is collecting computer-aided drawings, commonly referred...

To Implementation and Beyond

To Implementation and Beyond During the implementation of our indoor navigation system, Monica, our Director of Client Services, helps LogicJunction customers make sure their systems are set up to support end users, whether those users are employees, visitors,...

Project Ownership = Project Success

Project Ownership = Project Success Often times, the decision to implement indoor navigation technology is made by a committee reporting into executive offices such as patient experience, operations, facilities, or marketing. Shelley Haas, our Mobile Implementation...

Summa Health Launches Way Finder App Powered by LogicJunction

AKRON, Ohio, January 31, 2019 – Summa Health is the first hospital system in Northeast Ohio to provide a mobile indoor navigation system to patients and visitors of its downtown Akron campus. In partnership with LogicJunction, a technology firm located in Beachwood,...

iHub Celebration Recognizes Innovation in Digital Health

The iHub Turns Five: Celebration of Digital Health Innovations in Hospitals event was on September 12th, 2018 and included many of Brigham’s innovation partners, such as LogicJunction. Our CEO, Mark Jowell, and Director of Client Services, Monica Nowac, attended the...

Head over to our blog to see how LogicJunction’s indoor mapping and navigation products are contributing to positive outcomes in healthcare and other industries.  And, of course, all of the interesting ways location-sensing technologies are improving our daily lives. 

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