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Many health systems are leveraging technology, process improvements, and population health strategies to increase efficiency and advanced performance for their organization. Interactive patient care (IPC) strategies indicate that the more engaged the patient is in their care, the better the patient experience, and the better the patient outcomes. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), one of the nation’s largest cost-based healthcare systems, is utilizing interactive patient care platforms at many of their VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) and clinics across the country.

The focus on engaging patients with digital technology to improve outcomes is a building block for others, such as indoor navigation and location-based systems that can close gaps throughout the continuum of the patient journey and provide even greater accessibility to VA Medical Center offerings.

Typically a digital wayfinding system consists of the following:

  • Digital maps of the campus and medical facilities
  • Interactive routes for publicly accessible areas
  • ADA compliant routes
  • Accessible via a web browser, mobile app, or ADA-compliant digital display screens

Here are a few ways location-based technologies can provide a positive impact during the patient journey.

Digital wayfinding reduces stress and provides a better experience

Wayfinding is crucial to all large buildings, especially hospitals. Providing a system that gives veterans and caregivers access to directions is a vital part of helping them feel at ease prior to arriving onsite for care. Many wayfinding systems can be accessed directly from the VAMC’s website to help with preplanning.

Enhanced appointment reminders go the extra mile

In addition to mailed appointment reminders and phone calls, many VAMCs are using services like VEText to send electronic appointment notifications. Adding links for interactive directions into appointment reminders provides patients and caregivers with home-to-hospital directions, including directions to the parking area that best meets the needs of the patient needing care.  After parking close by or using valet services, patients are provided the easiest route to travel to reach their appointment.

Employees and volunteers can provide consistent directions

LogicJunction’s wayfinding system can be accessed by all employees and used to print directions and maps from any workstation in the hospital. Directions can also be emailed directly to a patient or a visitor’s mobile phone.

Analytics help improve patient traffic

VA hospitals have a track record for operational efficiency. The addition of location-based analytics from LogicJunction’s wayfinding system provides another layer of data that can be used to identify device usage onsite, wi-fi and cellular coverage, and most commonly searched doctors, departments, and amenities.

Healthcare technologies are making a huge impact on many patients.  LogicJunction is dedicated to providing premier patient experience-enhancing technologies to healthcare organizations nationwide, including those facilities that provide services to veterans. Our interactive wayfinding systems help VA Medical Center’s meet their goal of improved outcomes by engaging patients digitally during their care journey.

For more information on incorporating wayfinding technology into your VA Medical Center or Clinic, click here.

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