You Are Here: How Wayfinding Engages Patients, Visitors and Staff for a Better Experience

Everyone has experienced how difficult it is to find your way around an unfamiliar hospital. The facilities are often huge, spanning multiple buildings, each with several floors, and they may or may not have a consistent design. Wayfinding refers to the information systems that guide people through their environment , and it is attracting a…


Wayfinding best practices to consider in the new year

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re sharing three ways our healthcare partners are using LogicJunction’s digital wayfinding software to improve patient satisfaction across their campuses. 1. Give peace of mind. Add all-in-one directions to your website Hospitals are making it easier to find patient rooms, appointment locations, and recommended parking by integrating indoor directions with their…


The difference between getting what you want and getting what you need

Hospitals are a business and the people of the community are their patients. Individuals fly thousands of miles to visit our client, the Cleveland Clinic, who also provides healthcare for the low income residents of Cleveland. Hospitals are working hard to provide better care and improve the patient experience. The nationally implimented HCAHPS survey is rewarding…


St. Luke’s hospital embraces mobile technology

Scheduling Scheduling a doctors appointment has never been easier with the introduction of the St. Luke’s University Health Network online “Make an Appointment” tool. Patients with a smartphone, tablet or computer can schedule an appointment with a St. Luke’s provider, anytime of the day or night. Patients can register to recei18ve text messages or email…


St Luke’s Hospital selects LogicJunction for Digital Navigation

St. Luke’s University Hospital Network, a general medical and surgical hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has selected LogicJunction’s LJWay Digital Wayfinding solution for their campus. Custom designed kiosks displaying easy-to-read indoor maps, step-by-step directions, destination lookups, event information and digital signage are available. Each kiosk features a full-sized campus map along with two 32 inch touch…


Self-Service Kiosk Demo Video

LogicJunction provides state-of-the-art wayfinding and educational software that helps you share information in a way that’s helpful, memorable and easy to understand. Our core products, LJWay and LJLearn, meld cutting-edge interface design, 3D environments and virtual representatives to make complex places easy to navigate & complex information easier to absorb, remember and apply.