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In a desktop browser

  • Tapping the Status Bar takes you back to the home screen from all screens (that have a status bar).
  • For screens with a back button, tapping the back arrow takes you to the previous screen.
  • You can also use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to go back/forward in the flow.
  • Tap areas are “on”, meaning if there’s an area where you should tap to go to the next screen and you don’t tap it, the area is outlined in blue.

In a mobile browser

  • The prototype will initially open as large as possible. Depending on the phone, the user may have to scroll to see the entire screen. For example, on an iPhone 6/7/8, you’ll have to scroll up/down. Larger screen phones (iPhone XR or iPhone 8 Plus) won’t have to scroll.
  • Alternately, there’s a message that will appear on screen after you interact with the prototype to pinch the screen to get navigation controls.
  • The prototype will also work on Android. Chrome browser is recommended.

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