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5 Ways to Promote your App

The hard work your team puts in to enable a new technology initiative isn’t finished after ‘go-live’.  While it’s tempting to want to transition on to a new project, we’ve found that customers who integrate the system into their corporate vision, organizational culture, and marketing strategy see improved engagement and adoption.  

We’re vested in your success and here to help you beyond the implementation period. We have over 20 years of delivering technology solutions to large organizations, so we’re sharing a few best practices. These should help you answer that looming question head of “We’re almost ready to launch this thing, so now what?”

1. Inform Your Team

Indoor navigation capabilities provide many organizational benefits, so announcing the news often generates excitement among employees. Communicating early also helps team members feel connected to the initiative and begins the education process about the impact on day-to-day activities once it’s rolled out.  

Internal blog posts and emails are simple, yet effective ways to begin this process. In their most basic form, these can explain what indoor navigation or wayfinding is, why it’s being implemented by your organization, project timelines, and who to contact with questions. In addition to internal communication methods, many of our customers engage advisory boards and subject matter experts to help spread the word to others in the organization. These groups are also helpful to engage prior to launch for assistance testing and providing feedback.

Be creative! We encourage our customers to brand the indoor navigation feature early on in the process. Creating a teaser campaign leading up to the launch not only will educate future users of the system but will also help you break through the communication channel internally.

Brigham & Women’s Health shared news about LogicJunction’s wayfinding system through their internal blog, ‘Brigham Bulletin’.

2. Make Training a Focus

The more your employees understand how to use the technology, the better advocates they can become for the system. We partner with our customers to facilitate training days that teach employees how to use the technology, give them an opportunity to ask questions, and leave them feeling confident and empowered to help others. Training can be organized in a variety of ways, but what we’ve found works best is to align content by department so you can illustrate how the technology directly impacts their role in the organization.

Here are a few examples of how you can organize content:

  • Human Resources: Using wayfinding to improve prospective employee experience; Using wayfinding to supplement employee onboarding programs
  • Administrative Teams: Using wayfinding to help find co-workers and conference rooms
  • Front Desk: Using wayfinding to help visitors upon check-in
  • Facilities/Security: Using wayfinding to locate landmarks and serviceable assets

Practical and relevant training methods can both generate excitement and help people learn! It’s a fun method to conduct training by creating scavenger hunts for trainees, having them download the app and find various landmarks around the building. This is also a great way to onboard new employees.

3. Use Social Platforms

Develop a content plan and creative campaign for the app and use various social media platforms to share it. A monthly feature like ‘Technology Tuesdays’ is an easy way to feature quick tips, user success stories, and continue to get the word out. Social media channels also help re-engage people who have downloaded the app but have forgotten about it. 

Summa Health incorporated their Way Finder app in their holiday “Elf on the Shelf” themed social media campaign.

In months with consistent social media presence, the SMH Wayfinder app was downloaded 26% more, compared to the months without any social media presence.

4. Intregrate Everywhere

Your smartphone is likely synced up to your computer, headphones, smartwatch, and your calendar.  Why not integrate your mobile app in the same way?

Corporate Website  One of the main reasons people visit your website is to learn more about your organization, particularly for hospitals or large businesses. Visitors often plan ahead and look for parking information and travel directions. Many are not aware that they can get directions inside of the building. Integrating links to real-time navigation services within your website provides users with outdoor to indoor directions in just one click and can often replace multiple links to indoor maps and internet based directions.

Appointment Reminders and Meetings  Integration with appointment and meeting reminder software is one of the most effective ways to engage users with the indoor navigation feature. Notifications keep us on track with our schedules, and those reminders allow us to build a route, access driving directions, find recommended parking based on a final destination, and generate turn-by-turn walking directions to help you arrive on time and without stress.

5. Schedule a Launch

Planning an official launch date for your system is a proven method to engage your desired audiences and create immediate engagement with your platform.  Launches typically include a press event, a news announcement, a sizzle video, social media promotions, and placement of collateral at the facility to reinforce your message.  

LogicJunction offers assistance in this area as well. We often draft press releases, scripts for video content, help out on site during the event, and provide launch kits including rack cards, t-stand signage, parking signs, interior signs, and giveaways to make the launch an exciting event for your organization.

Implementing a new system and growing it into something that provides value to your user base isn’t a one-time thing. We hope that this information provides you a better understanding of what to do to make your project a success. If you have questions, reach out to us! We’re always excited to idea share and brainstorm with other teams!

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