Designing User-Friendly Indoor Maps

Designing User-Friendly Indoor Maps LogicJunction designs user-friendly indoor maps for organizations using best practices we’ve developed through user testing. One of the first steps in creating a digital map is collecting computer-aided drawings, commonly referred...

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To Implementation and Beyond

To Implementation and Beyond During the implementation of our indoor navigation system, Monica, our Director of Client Services, helps LogicJunction customers make sure their systems are set up to support end users, whether those users are employees, visitors,...

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Project Ownership = Project Success

Project Ownership = Project Success Often times, the decision to implement indoor navigation technology is made by a committee reporting into executive offices such as patient experience, operations, facilities, or marketing. Shelley Haas, our Mobile Implementation...

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How to Reduce Previsit Stress and Anxiety

Hospitals can be a stressful place. Even if you’ve been to the facility many times, the fear of what to expect during your visit can be difficult. Here are four ways to reduce stress for a hospital visit: Plan your parking before you go. Whether you’re looking for...

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