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Indoor location technology and the connected workplace

Safety | Productivity | Engagement

Connectivity is important in today’s workplace.

Remote communication tools, changing expectations and increasing competition requires a re-think of traditional office environments.

“Although the remote workforce is rising, 83 percent of employees are completing their jobs in traditional office environments and expect access to technology that improves their productivity.”[1]

Empower your organization with indoor location technology.

Create a seamless ecosystem with locationbased technologies that enable employee safety, productivity, and engagement outcomes.

| Features

  • Digital maps and POI data
  • Real-time walking routes
  • Location-based alerts
  • Data intelligence

| Integrations

  • Meeting room booking
  • Workspace hoteling
  • Occupancy analytics
  • IoT and asset tracking

Indoor mapping & location based systems help employees communicate, collaborate, and connect.

| How it works

Sue, Engagement Manager

Sue is meeting Joe, a partner, in :15 minutes. As she finished prepping for the meeting, she realized she hadn’t booked a meeting space or shared the meeting location with him. With a few clicks in her employee app, Sue was able to view the available conference rooms nearest to the main entrance, book the space, and send a link with detailed directions to Joe. She also requested a Mac adapter be sent to the room so Joe could connect and share information during the meeting. As she made her way over to the lobby, she used LogicJunction’s mobile app to look up the location of Jen, a remote team member who she knew was onsite today, to talk briefly about a project they are working on together.


  • Search and secure ‘open’ work spaces and receive directions to the reserved space.
  • Share work space location and directions to that location with others.
  • Find the nearest meeting room or amenity and receive the shortest walking route to those locations.
  • Manage dynamic seating charts and department changes in real-time.
  • Automate maintenance routes for machinery and facility assets.
  • Monitor the location of employee devices and other important equipment.


  • Identify security personnel and the location of security events
  • Provide emergency evacuation routes to employees and visitors
  • Find the nearest emergency exit, fire extinguisher, lights, equipment, etc.


  • Improve communication, collaboration and connection between employees.
  • Distribute notifications and alers to personnel in real-time (events, promotions, important info).
  • Provide guided tours for new employees and visitors.
  • Decrease frustration by providing the full experience for visitors and employees, allowing them to travel from offsite.

“No matter the size of your building, how many people work there, or what kind of work goes on in the space, the truth is that everyone just wants to be able to get where they’re going without all the stress and headaches.”

LogicJunction’s indoor location system improves everyday experiences by providing easy-to-follow directions, location-based notifications, and relevant information such as appointments, events, and personalized messaging across large organizations.

The data captured through the system enables leadership to improve operations and employee satisfaction through advanced analytics and business intelligence.

Our core features and capabilities are delivered via responsive web sites, digital displays, and native iOS and Android mobile apps and SDKs. Our blue-dot is powered by a proprietary blend of Wi-Fi, BLE beacon, and geomagnetic data delivering an IPS system that requires approximately 85% less hardware than the typical hardware-based indoor location solutions.

[1]Source: U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, “American Time Use Survey - 2017” and Dell and Intel Future Workforce Study

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