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To Implementation and Beyond

During the implementation of our indoor navigation system, Monica, our Director of Client Services, helps LogicJunction customers make sure their systems are set up to support end users, whether those users are employees, visitors, patients, or the general public. But our customer success team is known for partnering with our customers beyond the implementation process. Organizing and refining customer specifications and consulting on digital map design are very important tasks for Monica, however, what comes after the system has been tested is even more important.

“Developing a plan to engage users is critical to a successful launch of any technology solution, yet it sometimes is easily forgotten about,” says Monica.

And that’s why her role is so important. She coaches our customers on best practices and helps them to create a launch plan that drives usage month after month. 

We thought it would be beneficial to share Monica’s checklists with you while you’re considering an indoor navigation system for your organization.

Before Launch

- Brand your technology with user-friendly maps
- Promote via internal communications
- Host training sessions
- Answer questions and request feedback
- Integrate into common workflows such as a mobile app, website, meeting reminders, appointment notifications
- Order a launch kit with items such as interior signage, t-stands, tent cards, window clings, and giveaway items

Launch Day or After Launch
- Co-sponsor a press release with LogicJunction
- Personally introduce users to the technology or ask LogicJunction to host a launch event
- Invite media contacts to take a ‘sneak peek’ the technology
- Integrate into social media, event feeds, on-hold recordings, and appointment reminders

Additionally, feel free to check out how some of our customers are using our products!

Organizing a communication plan and gathering resources to help you implement those tactics can seem challenging on your own, but Monica is a great resource. She and the rest of the LogicJunction team are happy to sit down with you, develop a plan, and recommend how to maximize the launch of your system.

Many of our customers rest easy knowing they have her support, and so do we! If you ever spot her around your site, feel free to stop her for a brief chat or brainstorming session. We guarantee that she’ll be eager to answer your questions and learn more about your project.

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