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Keys to Success

Delightful Experiences

Nearly 1 in 4 people abandon mobile apps after just one use. 

Apps with all the features sometimes create complex interfaces impacting engagement and adoption.

We’ve invested time testing our app and maps with actual users, making sure our mobile platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

Turn-Key Deployments

We have a deployment process proven over 20 years of delivering software to large organizations.

Our project managers serve as your single-point-of-contact during the implementation, providing guidance and doing the heavy lifting so you don’t have to (unless you want to!)

The end result?
We deliver your project on time and within budget.

Flexible Integrations

It’s important that your technology partner can support your long-term needs.

We’ve designed our system to grow with your organization including integrations with our standard SDKs and enhanced services using our APIs.

These methods also support exchanges with EMR, space occupancy, and security platforms to support additional indoor positioning use cases.

Excellent Service and Support

You can count on our team to deliver the most innovative solutions in the industry, provide knowledgeable resources through every step of the process, and partner with you on the best ways to  engage your users.

It’s truly a team effort, extending beyond the launch of your system with our full service support model, or training programs that empower your teams to manage the system on their own using our administrative console.

Learn from a few of our experts.

Shelley Haas

Shelley Haas


Shelley has a passion for managing software installations with customers.  Since joining our team, she’s been managing mobile implementations.

Shelley shares her advice about preparing of project kick-off.

Maia Garcia-Fedor

Maia Garcia-Fedor

Map Design

Converting CADS into digital maps that are intuitive for users is hard work, but that doesn’t stop Maia.

Read her tips for personalizing digital maps with customer branding and graphics to create seamless experiences for end users.

Monica Nowac

Monica Nowac

Client Service

Monica works with our customers to analyze system usage, implement best practices, and recommend strategies that drive long term adoption and usage.

Read Monica’s checklist for creating “buzz” for launch day.

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