How It Works

LJLearn is a software platform on which to build and deploy state-of-the-art educational and training programs for healthcare and other verticals.

Using LogicJunction’s web-based authoring tools, a client can:

  • Create or customize training courses (content packages) on specific subjects, using easy to learn scripting tools.
  • Enable personalization of content, and the ability to allocate specific training modules through individualized logins.
  • Track, analyze and report on the data.

After downloading the app and logging in, the user has access to the assigned training modules which incorporate rich 2D and 3D content and helpful virtual experts (avatars), to guide, assist and educate them.

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an image of the Henry Ford maternity discharge application

3D Avatar

Sociable avatars interact with your users to deliver accurate, concise education and training. Our avatars are:

  • Multi-Lingual
  • Fully customizable
  • Capable of building trust
  • Able to provide a comforting humanized interaction

Immersive Real-Time Environment

Users can navigate through and interact with realistic 2D and 3D environments to effectively and safely practice skills and encounter varying scenarios. The LJLearn system:

  • Incorporates multiple learning tools such as videos, images, quizzes and interactive games
  • Leverages the power of real-time rendering
  • Replicates any environment
  • Offers exciting “game play” type interactions
a collage of 3D environments
a chart displaying the integration process of the education and training applications

Data Storage and Integration

Leverage your existing user database to further enrich the experience. With the LJLearn system:

  • Apps are hosted in their respective App Stores
  • Content packages are hosted by LogicJunction in the Azure Cloud
  • Data for personalization, tracking and bookmarking are stored in your existing enterprise systems or LogicJunction’s native secure environment

Multi-Platform Deployment

The application can be utilized to reach a broader audience around your facility, on-the-go or at home.

  • Multi-platform deployment supports native apps for Windows, iOS and Android, as well as a web-based interface (requires up-to-date browsers supporting html5 and WebGL)
  • Supports all modern internet connected hardware platforms including Mac’s, PC’s, tablets and mobile phones
  • Data from all apps is downloaded from a single source and is 100% consistent and up-to-date
Images of Logic Junction's education and training applications
an infographic showing the data flow between the administrator tools and the education or training application

Web-Based Administrative Tools and Reports

The robust content management system provides administrators with full control of the environment and insight into user’s progress.

  • Permission based admin tools allow power users to create various staff roles and hierarchies, setup new users and modify views of analytics
  • Flexible scripting content management tools enable the administrator to fully control the avatar, content and surroundings
  • Extensive real-time reporting and analytics directs administrators and educators where to focus their efforts for maximum impact

Real-time Chat and Video Communication

Built-in telehealth video communication and message boards provide immediate assistance when required.

  • LJLearn’ s “LiveConnect” feature opens a video chat window between patient the nurse’s desk
  • Active message center allows patients to post non-critical questions to a monitored knowledge bank
a graphic showing how staff can communicate with their patients by using the application
a graphic showing the avatar, environments and personalization aspects of the education and training applications


User engagement is ever more critical today, given the plethora of distractions vying for the user’s attention. Some of the key elements used by the LJLearn system to capture and retain attention are:

  • Interacting with Avatars
  • Immersion in realistic & beautiful 2D and 3D environments
  • Having a fully personalized experience (through the use of merge fields, real-time rendering and Text-to- Speech)