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Industry Solutions

The LJLearn Virtual Educator is an optimal platform for creating immersive, interactive training and educational experiences. To get started, all we need is your materials and expertise to load on our platform and bring it to life.

Application: Insurance

Problem: Increasing complexity in the insurance industry (such as criteria mandated under the Affordable Care Act) make it difficult for consumers to choose the best plan – with negative consequences for both providers and insured.

Solution: Virtual Experts: LJLearn can host virtual insurance experts to guide users through the complex process of selecting appropriate plans, making informed decisions and addressing questions. Our “LiveConnect” features enables the customer to open a live video chat window to a company representative with the click of a button.

Benefits: The insured has a better experience with a superior outcome, which increases loyalty and decreases the chance of abandoning the application or switching providers. Providers have happier and informed customers and lowered cost of expert advice.


Application: Retail

Problem: Online retail stores vie for customers based on a combination of price and ease of use, and must combat the low barriers to clients changing services.

Physical retail stores must attract online shoppers with an enhanced user experience – all of which significantly increase costs.

Solution: Virtual Clerks:  The LJLearn Virtual Clerk is a mobile or in-store kiosk based virtual assistant who provides expert service to clients.  This clerk knows each customer’s name, remembers their preferences and is fully up-to-date with each product, price, location and benefit. Our “LiveConnect” features enables the customer to open a live video chat window to a store representative with the click of a button.

Benefits: Customers have a better in-store experience and additional motivation to get off their computers and into the stores. Retailers can provide high-touch, expert, personalized service and up/cross-sell items at a fraction of the price that additional employees would cost.


Application: Commercial Buildings and Hotels

Problem: Although self-service check-in options are common, many customers still prefer a high-touch experience when entering the lobby of a hotel, reception area or office complex. Providing such services is often costly and inconsistent.

Solution: Virtual Concierge: The LJLearn Concierge is a kiosk-based virtual assistant who can share data with the enterprise system (such as phone extension or booking systems), is available 24×7 to help, and can speak multiple languages. Our “LiveConnect” feature enables the customer to open a live video chat window to an actual representative with the click of a button.

Benefits: This results in happier customers, more referrals, lower cost of providing service excellence.

Application: Virtual Home Companion

Problem: Societal and economic shifts have created a growing segment of the US population that are socially isolated, homebound and largely immobile. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and non-compliance with careplans all exacerbate the situation. The result is a high incidence of medical readmission, unhappy seniors and significant costs to social welfare system.

Solution: Virtual Home Companion: LogicJunction’s Virtual-Companion™ is a comprehensive software solution designed to reduce the emotional and financial costs of isolation. Our “LiveConnect” features enables the customer to open a live video chat window to a healthcare representative with the click of a button.

Benefits: A more fulfilling and healthier life for seniors, ability to stay at home longer, decreased readmissions, and significant savings to government and country.


Application: Physical Rehab

Problem: Patients needing physical rehabilitation, such as after an accident, stroke or surgery, are provided little in the way of assistance for ongoing home-based rehabilitation (often just a difficult to read Xeroxed sheet). As a result, they struggle to comply with self-administered home-based exercise regimes.

Solution: Virtual Rehab Therapist: LogicJunction’s Virtual Rehab Therapist is a web and mobile based solution designed to help guide patients through the long process of recovery. The Physical Therapist can prescribe an exercise “regime”, and the user then follows a customized, personalized set of daily instructions, following along the movements and regimes of the Virtual Therapist. Our “LiveConnect” feature enables the customer to open a live video chat window to a healthcare representative with the click of a button.

Benefits: Quicker recovery, satisfied patients, lower readmissions, lower costs to providers, insurers and healthcare institutions.