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See which platforms are right for your organization.

Digital Displays

Interactive directions and digital content delivered on digital display units.

Web Browser

Interactive route guidance delivered online without downloading an app.

Web Plus

Web-based navigation delivered
via a mobile app.

Blue Dot Mobile App

Real-time route guidance using indoor positioning technology.

Digital Maps

Customizable indoor maps provide visually pleasant navigation experiences by connecting physical and online environments no matter which platform is used.

Explore Digital Displays

Interactive directions and engaging features supplement interior signage systems.

Digital Displays

Digital display units installed at your facility provide interactive directions and engaging content to users.

Directory Search

Organize your data so users can find relevant information about their destination and explore new points of interest within your space.

Interactive Directions

Guide users from digital display units to their destination with turn-by-turn directions that display on screen.

Event Integration

Connect users to important events and include driving and/or walking directions helping them arrive on time.

Admin Tools

Teams can manage content including points of interest, routes, and events across all LogicJunction platforms using our intuitive content management system.

Explore Web Browser

Preview digital maps and directions when away or use interactive walking routes when on site.

Web Browser

Users can generate digital routes and explore your indoor space via any web browser without downloading an app.

Digital Itineraries

Enable users to create outdoor to indoor routes from any starting point to any destination, using their preferred navigation methods.

Directory Search

Organize your data so users can find relevant information about their destination and explore new points of interest within your space.

Parking Planner

Make it easy for users to find the nearest parking garage or other options that suit their travel needs, such as valet or shuttle.

Interactive Directions

Guide users through your campus and interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions, with highlighted path segments layered over indoor maps.

Print & Mobile Accessibility

Maps and directions can be printed to a network printer or accessed from a user’s mobile phone.


Integrate indoor navigation platforms with complementary systems for appointments, meetings, and many others to support additional use cases.

Explore Web Plus

Access the same features as web browser-based navigation enhanced with a mobile interface and location detection.

Branded iOS and Android Apps

Deliver navigation capabilities via a mobile app styled to match your organization’s branding.

Interactive Directions

Swipe or click through interactive directions that guide users to their destination.

Starting Point Detection

The app automatically finds users in common starting areas such as entrances, lobbies, and conference rooms, and other off-site locations.

SDK Library

Select from our library of SDKs that use view controllers to shorten development time, including native iOS, native Android, React Native, and Native Scripts.

Explore Blue Dot Mobile App

Navigate the indoors just like the outdoors with blue dot positioning, animated walking routes, and turn-by-turn prompts.

Mobile Flexibility

Ready-to-use SDKs make integration into an existing app easy. No mobile app? We’ll create one for your organization.

User-Friendly Interface

Click-and-go features deliver a simple and intuitive navigation experience.

Location-Based Messages

Geofenced areas provide information about events, daily activities, special offers and promotional opportunities.

Seamless Travel

Integrated travel options like Google Maps, Uber, and many others, guide you seamlessly from the outdoors to the indoors.

Blue Dot Navigation

The blue dot travels with you, even when changing floors, so you’re always aware of your next steps.

Experience Mobile

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