Empower your organization with a powerful system.

Indoor Navigation

Improve accessibility and productivity

Guide users to the right place at the right time as they travel to their destination using any of LogicJunction’s web-based platforms or mobile apps.

Location-Based Services

Personalize and enrich the experience

Provide relevant information to users with real-time accuracy as they explore their surroundings.

Data Insights

Capture location-based analytics

Analyze system data and usage patterns in real-time to formulate powerful customer insights about navigation patterns inside of your indoor space.

Experiences Impacted

Admin Console

LogicJunction helps your team manage content across platforms through intuitive administrative tools.

POI Maintenance

System administrators can add new points of interest and update meta data with a few clicks.

Dynamic Routing

Respond to building maintenance and renovation by adding or removing walking routes to redirect people flow.

Map Archive

Keep track of building floor plans and modifications overtime within our map archive.

Download Maps

Export digital floor plans in .png and .svg formats for use outside of the LogicJunction system.

Single Source of Data

Maintain all other data (directories, keywords, events and digital signage) in a single place across all platforms.


Connect with other systems

Connect interactive maps and routes to your mobile app, appointment reminder systems, occupancy software, and other industry specific integrations using our SDKs and APIs.

Explore our indoor navigation platforms.


Empowering Organizations with Indoor Location Technology

More than twenty years ago, LogicJunction set out with a vision to develop interactive technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Since that time, we’ve honed in on market needs, our areas of expertise, and have built one of the most innovative indoor location...

Designing User-Friendly Indoor Maps

Designing User-Friendly Indoor Maps LogicJunction designs user-friendly indoor maps for organizations using best practices we’ve developed through user testing. One of the first steps in creating a digital map is collecting computer-aided drawings, commonly referred...

To Implementation and Beyond

To Implementation and Beyond During the implementation of our indoor navigation system, Monica, our Director of Client Services, helps LogicJunction customers make sure their systems are set up to support end users, whether those users are employees, visitors,...

Project Ownership = Project Success

Project Ownership = Project Success Often times, the decision to implement indoor navigation technology is made by a committee reporting into executive offices such as patient experience, operations, facilities, or marketing. Shelley Haas, our Mobile Implementation...

Summa Health Launches Way Finder App Powered by LogicJunction

AKRON, Ohio, January 31, 2019 – Summa Health is the first hospital system in Northeast Ohio to provide a mobile indoor navigation system to patients and visitors of its downtown Akron campus. In partnership with LogicJunction, a technology firm located in Beachwood,...

iHub Celebration Recognizes Innovation in Digital Health

The iHub Turns Five: Celebration of Digital Health Innovations in Hospitals event was on September 12th, 2018 and included many of Brigham’s innovation partners, such as LogicJunction. Our CEO, Mark Jowell, and Director of Client Services, Monica Nowac, attended the...

Head over to our blog to see how LogicJunction’s indoor mapping and navigation products are contributing to positive outcomes in healthcare and other industries.  And, of course, all of the interesting ways location-sensing technologies are improving our daily lives. 

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