A Digital Wayfinding Platform that Personalizes & Enhances the Experience at your Facility

Our multi-platform indoor wayfinding system provides everything you need to deliver patients and their families to their point of care, easily and stress-free – and much more.

Healthcare Challenges Create Opportunities to Personalize, Engage and Lead your Healthcare Community

We understand the challenges that come with finding your way around hospitals, that’s why we’ve designed an interactive wayfinding platform that can be used by every patient and visitor, no matter their technology preference. We’ve even equipped our technology with an interface that can be used by your team to streamline and standardize how directions are provided to patients and visitors who need extra help.

And it’s all included in our core navigational platform with web, kiosk, staff desk and mobile indoor wayfinding solutions, where patients can pre-plan their visits from home, get help at the hospital or use an app on their smartphone.

Our wayfinding system not only personalizes the indoor experience for patients and visitors, it’s perfectly scalable, easy to implement and provides robust administrative tools and analytics that will help you drive the next generation of your customer experience.

Wayfinding via the Web

Wayfinding via Kiosk

Wayfinding via Mobile

Administrative Tools & Analytics

We Lead the Way – Indoors

Integrated Multi-Platform

Intuitive User Interface

Admin Tools & Analytics

iOS and Android Apps

Data Source Agnostic


The Power of an Earth-Powered App

Since the beginning of time, animals have used the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate. We’ve partnered with IndoorAtlas, a worldwide leader in geomagnetic positioning technology, to harvest geomagnetic data given off by the Earth using smartphones and exclusively offer it to the Healthcare market in the US in the form of an Indoor positioning mobile app.

This new generation of IP data provides accuracy of 3-5 feet with lower infrastructure, setup and maintenance costs. Rich features and highly scalable, geomagnetic technology helps you create a personalized and engaging indoor experience.

  • Blue-Dot Guidance
  • Location-Based Messaging
  • Patient & Visitor Engagement
  • Native App or SDK

Your Facility’s Geomagnetic Fingerprint

The Earth’s magnetic field interacts with steel and other materials found in structures of a building. We leverage built-in sensors inside smartphones to interpret the magnetic fields and place your location inside of a building.

To obtain the magnetic data coordinates, LogicJunction scans the walkable areas of your facility through a process called “fingerprinting”. We pull the geomagnetic-based coordinates into our mobile app which transforms the x/y/x/ coordinates into turn-by-turn, GPS-like directions. Those same coordinates are used as a base for other location-based notifications.

You’re Data is the Engine, We’re the Car

Indoor Positioning data is to our solution, like an engine is to a car. It’s as simple as that.
We’re engine agnostic, meaning we can use any type of IPS feed. Our preferred method is a hybrid of geomagnetic technology supplemented with Wi-Fi and some BLE beacons to enhance the elements of our platform.