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Project Ownership = Project Success

Often times, the decision to implement indoor navigation technology is made by a committee reporting into executive offices such as patient experience, operations, facilities, or marketing. Shelley Haas, our Mobile Implementation Manager, stresses the importance of identifying a client-side project manager when the project starts.

“While our team does much of the heavy lifting during the implementation period, working with a single-point-of contact on the client side has a significant impact on the project timeline,” Shelley says. “A strong project manager will not only be able to provide decisions and deliverables within the time frames we specify, but they also can involve experts so we can align project schedules around key dates for construction, building openings, employee training, etc.”

The LogicJunction implementation team follows a six-phased project plan designed to deliver our full system within a 21-week period, including CAD validation, digital map design, data organization, route creation, testing, and customer training.

The assigned project manager will often move on to another project once the system is live, so it’s equally important both PMs transfer ownership to the long-term owners of the system, which are LogicJunction’s client services team and the customer’s business owner.

We’re proud to have someone like Shelley on staff. She’s dedicated and knowledgeable and always up for an onsite selfie!

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