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Case Study

LogicJunction Helps Cleveland Clinic Enhance the Patient Experience 


Inconsistent wayfinding was impacting the patient experience, distracting staff and increasing support cost.

The Cleveland Clinic is ranked one of America’s top hospitals according to U.S. News & World Report and attracts patients from across the country and from more than 80 nations. In 2009, after a period of continuous expansion, the Clinic was struggling with how to reduce constant staff interruptions from lost patients. Additionally, they needed a way to enable their team of red-coat volunteers to provide consistent wayfinding for patients and visitors across their multiple buildings and campuses located in Northeast Ohio. Escalating the requirement for a solution was the increasing need to service a growing multilingual population while still maintaining personalized, one-to-one, communication critical to the organization’s culture.


LogicJunction’s wayfinding software proactively engaged patients with location-based digital navigation, resulting in fewer staff interruptions, fewer late/missed appointments, and overall, a better patient experience.

The Cleveland Clinic chose LogicJunction’s digital wayfinding platform to solve these complex issues. LogicJunction worked closely with the Clinic to capture and organize all relevant points of interest (doctors, desks, rooms, amenities, services etc.) and provide digital maps of the hospital’s floor plans. The implementation consisted of comprehensive functionality, including web-based appointment planning, mobile navigation via a web browser, and QR code links to interactive directions. The result was a comprehensive, scalable wayfinding solution that was able to help the Clinic achieve its goals and create a differentiated patient experience.

LogicJunction is proud to have a strong and continually growing relationship with the Clinic, providing world-class wayfinding solutions to one of the country’s premier hospitals.



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