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Project Summary

The County of Santa Clara

Indoor navigation systems are becoming widespread in many industries, such as corporate and government buildings. The county of Santa Clara’s government center is a good example of how interactive technology can be delivered via digital display screens to help arriving visitors quickly get to their desired destination.


The county of Santa Clara realized that many visitors were getting lost in its main government building and needed a solution.

Various departments reside in the government center, such as the district attorney’s office and immigration relations. With the high daily traffic, the county of Santa Clara realized that many visitors were getting lost and required a solution beyond static signage.  Our partner, the GNU Group, recommended LogicJunction digital wayfinding kiosks, in addition to new interior signage, because of the user-friendly interfaces, ability to support multiple languages, and print- and email-friendly maps.


The county implemented LogicJunction’s interative navigation system on two touchscreen displays and placed them near the main entrances. Merging wayfinding concepts with both static and digital options is a great practice for many facilities. By developing the digital maps in line with the GNU Group’s designs for static signage, visitors would have a seamless journey to their destination.

The county’s digital maps include a detailed map of the vicinity, which helps visitors become acquainted with destinations located outside of the main building in the downtown area.  Destinations on the vicinity map include the sheriff’s office, the county jail, the nearest bus stations, and parking lots.


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