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Project Overview

University Medical Center integrates LogicJunction’s SDK into mobile app


LogicJunction’s mobile indoor positioning platform is available via an SDK or as a standalone iOS/Android app. LogicJunction’s SDKs allow a hospital to integrate indoor navigation capabilities into an already established mobile app, providing a variety of informational and personalized content for patients and visitors to access.

University Medical Center

‘UMC Mobile’ includes directory searches, relevant hospital news, integrated shuttle pick-up service, in addition to LogicJunction’s interactive maps and routes that help users navigate the 2 million square foot campus in Lubbock, Texas.

When users access the wayfinding menu, they can search for their doctor or department and receive customized directions to that location inside of the hospital.  UMC uses LogicJunction’s mobile IPS platform, so what patients and guests of the campus experience, is similar to using GPS navigation in your car, with features like:

  • Immediate identification of your location on hospital grounds using a blue dot
  • Illuminated green path showing your walking route
  • Approximate walking time and distance to your destination
  • Notifications showing direction changes, arrival notices, and other location-based messages
  • Automatic transitioning between floors, re-routing alerts, and other intuitive features

If you’re looking for help in developing your mobile strategy, LogicJunction can help. We have products that suit any sized facility, including the ability to deliver mobile experiences, branded for your organization, integrated with web-based content, including indoor navigation capabilities.

University Medical Center


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