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More than 200 hospitals and healthcare executives indicated that 70% of their facilities are currently amidst construction projects or planning to renovate or expand their facilities over the next three years, according to a recent study from Health Facilities Management Magazine. Less than 15 percent of building projects included technology initiatives like wayfinding and real-time location systems. In a time when providing excellent patient experience in the built environment is closely linked to reimbursements, securing funding to improve the experience in the virtual environment should be considered as a supplemental strategy. A technology-based wayfinding solution can be a cost-effective solution and provide a competitive advantage for many hospitals and medical centers.

New construction and renovation projects occurring on your hospital’s campus can make it difficult for patients, visitors, and staff to get to where they need to be. Even those who are most familiar with your facility may feel inconvenienced and stressed when they are tight on time and cannot easily get to where they need to go.

Your hospital can prepare for upcoming renovation projects by having an interactive wayfinding solution in place. Indoor positioning systems (IPS) are an important technology component of any renovation or expansion project. Not only do they provide real-time, turn-by-turn directions via a mobile app, they also provide an innovative communication channel that can deliver location-based messages to community members. Both features are critical to have in place during hospital construction and very helpful in improving overall patient and visitor satisfaction post-renovation.

Imagine being guided through a confusing building with the help of a friendly blue dot, receiving an alert with directions to an art exhibit in the new patient center while waiting longer than usual, or a text with a coupon for a nearby coffee stand or a list of questions to ask your doctor during your visit. Location-sensing technology opens up many opportunities for your hospital to transform the patient experience.

An added benefit of using indoor mapping during a renovation project is that walking directions can be updated with a few clicks and reroute patients and visitors when floors, wings, and elevator banks are ready for public traffic.

The LogicJunction team recently completed a proof-of-concept for one of the largest Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems in Ohio. The POC showcased the value of accurate, blue dot navigation technology in a busy healthcare setting. It also illustrated the importance of having a cross-platform wayfinding system, including the web, kiosk, and mobile app, in place to improve patient experience and streamline visitor management.  

“Northeast Ohio has some of the most innovative and forward-thinking hospitals in the world,” said LogicJunction’s CEO Mark Jowell. “We are extremely proud that so many of them have relied on LogicJunction to continually enhance the patient experience with state of the art tools, such as geomagnetic-based indoor positioning.”

If you’re interested in seeing how LogicJunction’s wayfinding platform and indoor positioning technology can transform your hospital, contact us for a demo today.


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