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8 Things That Hospital Administrators Need to Consider When Selecting Wayfinding Technology

Introduction Navigating around the hospital facilities is always confusing to patients, new staff, and visitors. When a hospital adds an extension or remodels, signs are sometimes not installed, or are ambiguous if installed. As a result, visitors and patients are directed to wrong places. To solve this problem, LogicJunction has launched software that guarantees 100%…

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Gregory Blue and Associates and LogicJunction build a PATH to better wayfinding.

A Total Solution… Easy – Effective – Affordable Wayfinding should be easy, and so, we made it that way. LogicJunction and Gregory Blue and Associates have partnered to create PATH, Patient Access To Healthcare. The result of our combined expertise is the most comprehensive interior wayfinding solution available for the healthcare environment. We can help…

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3 Ways LogicJunction is helping Marshall Medical Center Find a Better ‘Way’ for their Patients

Three Ways LogicJunction is Helping Marshall Medical Center Improve the Patient Experience   While achieving optimal health and financial outcomes for patients have been essential elements for the survival of modern hospitals and medical centers, the highly competitive nature of the health care industry has produced a global environment that challenges medical facilities to place…

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LogicJunction provides state-of-the-art wayfinding and educational software that helps you share information in a way that’s helpful, memorable and easy to understand. Our core products, LJWay and LJLearn, meld cutting-edge interface design, 3D environments and virtual representatives to make complex places easy to navigate & complex information easier to absorb, remember and apply.