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Research shows that poor wayfinding has far-reaching implications. Lost patients, missed appointments, staff interruptions and a negative patient experience all have a significant impact on your brand, profitability and HCAHPS scores.

30% of visitors get lost. The cost of a dissatisfied patient is 62,000 dollars,
There are 6.9 million missed appointments annually, costing 150,000 dollars per year.
There are 120 interruptions per 12 hour shift, costing hospitals 220,000 dollars per year.

Improve Patient Experience

  • The first five minutes dictates how the rest of a patient visit will be perceived. Getting lost has a serious impact on the experience.
  • Our wayfinding solution improves the orientation of patients and visitors around your hospital resulting in higher satisfaction scores and positive social media presence.
  • LogicJunction’s is the only system that also provides broad environmental information, enabling your patients and visitors to get the most out of their visit.

Increase Staff Productivity

  • The integrated pre-planning, mobile access and kiosks can reduce staff interruptions by up to 33%, freeing up critical time to focus on acute care tasks.
  • Our solution can improve the number of on-time appointments, which will keep doctor’s schedule intact and maximize throughput.

Improve Your Bottom Line

  • New employees rapidly become familiar with even the most complex campuses, reducing the cost of onboarding.
  • By increasing patient satisfaction through improved navigation you can increase HCAHPS scores, decrease reimbursement penalties and reduce patient defection.
  • Implementing the LogicJunction system is an affordable way to raise the visible profile of your facility for patients and visitors.