Help Patients

Not all patients are the same. They range from professionals and students to retirees. Some like to plan ahead, while others are in a constant rush. Some are happiest when they can use their phone for wayfinding, while others prefer to speak to an assistant.

Are you using the right technology to create the best experience for all your different types of patients?

LogicJunction’s software has the proven track record to address all the needs of each patient who engages with your hospital.

visit pre-planning icon

Scott (43) plans ahead.

an image of a man
  • Professional
  • Organized
  • Busy schedule
  • Plans ahead

Patients like Scott prefer to plan ahead so that they are not rushed the day of their appointment. LogicJunction’s visit pre-planning feature enables them to find their way on their own terms. Driving directions, recommended parking location and walking guidance to their destination are all included to ensure on-time arrival.

staff-assisted wayfinding icon

Ralph (67) prefers human assistance.

an image of an elderly man
  • Retired
  • Personable
  • Not comfortable with technology

Patients like Ralph get easily frustrated and anxious trying to find their appointment. LogicJunction’s staff-assisted wayfinding feature turns any staff desk into a robust wayfinding tool. Staff can print out directions to help the patient on their way.


self-service mobile icon

Rhonda (35) is mobile tech-savy.

an image of a woman
  • Multi-tasker
  • Doesn’t like to wait
  • Loves her iPhone

Tech-savy patients rely on their mobile phones for just about everything. Once inside the building, they can utilize LogicJunction’s real-time turn-by-turn feature to easily navigate to their destination.

self-service kiosk icon

Lynn (52) prefers self-service.

an image of a woman
  • Independent
  • Resourceful
  • Comfortable with technology

Patients like Lynn don’t want to bother or rely on the staff. With the LogicJunction wayfinding kiosks, they can find their destination through a few easy steps. The information displayed can easily printed or sent to their phone.