Help Staff

Improved wayfinding will substantially reduce interruptions from lost patients, which can greatly improve staff productivity. Additionally, they will be provided with a new and impressive advertising platform, robust analytics and tools to manage facility changes.

an image of a woman at the computer. The computer is displaying LogicJunction's web-based administrator tools.

Planning and Facilities Staff

Admin staff can make changes and additions to destinations with a few clicks. Dynamic rerouting allows staff to effortlessly guide patients around temporary closures and out-of-service elevators. Facility staff can use the map versioning feature to plan for future construction. Detailed analytics provide insights into flow patterns, destination popularity, heat maps, utilization and navigational problem areas within the facility.

admin tools icon
an image of a computer showing the rerouting capabilities of LogicJunction's administrator tools.

Guest Services and Concierge Staff

Ensure front-line staff always have access to consistent and accurate directions via LogicJunction’s web application. Save money and go green by eliminating excess and outdated printed maps.

staff-assisted wayfinding icon
an image of two hospital employees handing a visitor directions printed from LogicJunction's Wayfinding system.

Marketing Staff

Using the web-based content management system, staff can leverage the integrated events feed and digital signage features to easily keep everyone informed about news, emergencies, and upcoming events.  Digital signs can also be used for donor recognition and to generate revenue through paid advertisements.

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digital signage icon
An image of the digital signage capabilities on LogicJunction's kiosks.

All Staff

All staff will benefit from the LogicJunction wayfinding system through decreased interruptions, increased staff productivity, and the ability to better serve their patients.

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an image of a computer showing LogicJunction's web-based administrator tools reporting capability