Our multi-platform wayfinding system helps organizations speak the same language as their users.

Our three delivery platforms combined with our unified CMS and analytics repository work together seamlessly to provide the most user-friendly and effective indoor experience for your community members and your employees.

Wayfinding platforms are available as responsive websites, onsite kiosks, iOS and Android mobile apps. Content is controlled by a client-friendly interface that ensures updates to points-of-interest, routes, and signage are quick, easy and cost-effective.

The power behind our advanced wayfinding solution

Directional algorithms provide efficient routes that get users to their destinations quickly and easily

Intuitive interfaces and feedback capture forms ensure user satisfaction and repeat usage

Relevant and timely digital messages add value for patients and visitors

API’s provide integration capabilities with EMR, Visitor Management, Emergency Response systems, etc.

Powerful data analytics empower teams and contribute to fact-based decision-making

We turn our Customers X,Y,Z coordinates into actionable information

Various technologies exist for generating location-based data. No matter the data source (BLE beacons, to Wi-Fi, sound or light-based data) our mobile platform transforms your data to deliver an advanced wayfinding app to your organization.

Our hybrid IPS system uses geomagnetic, Wi-Fi and blue-tooth beacon data sources to provide unsurpassed scalability and accuracy.

Developed in partnership with IndoorAtlas, our navigational system can be installed in less time and with significantly less hardware and maintenance than other solutions.

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