Digital Signage: An Important Part of your Hospital’s Wayfinding Solution


When patients and visitors arrive at your hospital, you want to make sure they have a positive experience from the moment they walk through the entrance. Having the right digital signage in place makes it easy for patients and visitors to access directions and receive helpful information that will make their time at your facility more pleasant. LogicJunction’s digital signage solutions combined with state-of-the-art interactive wayfinding software is the perfect solution for your community members who prefer on-site, self-service assistance.

Our digital signage offering is uniquely combined with our interactive wayfinding software helping you deliver “best path” walking directions to patients, visitors and staff. Customized maps of your facility provide integrated support and can be enhanced with a virtual assistant or live chat plug-in. Easy-to-read directions can be printed directly from the kiosk or sent to a mobile device.

We offer a full range of display options that fit every setting. Kiosks are accessible 24/7, so visitors can access directions, hospital directories, educational messages and alerts at any time. Multi-lingual display and personalized greeting options are also available.

Digital signage is an important wayfinding element for hospitals with large buildings and vast campuses; and even more crucial for hospitals that are undergoing construction pre and post renovation.

Directs Patients and Visitors to the right “spot”

Trying to find your way through a large facility can be frustrating, even more so when the easiest route is blocked due to construction or expansion. LogicJunction’s digital signage and wayfinding solutions provide accurate directions to help your patients, visitors and staff get to their desired location on-time and with ease. Our dynamic mapping system allows you to reroute patients, visitors and staff with a few clicks, in real-time, making certain everyone receives accurate and reliable directions – always.

Engages your User Community

Digital signage is a robust communication tool that allows you to share a variety of messages to welcome and connect with your community members. By adding content about local weather, patient education and training, hospital events such as Flu Shot Clinics, even emergency alerts, your patients, visitors and staff will always have the most up-to-date information.

Modernizes “common spaces”

Integrating technology into common spaces often influences consumer’s perceptions positively. LogicJunction’s wide range of hardware and strikingly intuitive software combine to form a visually appealing addition to any facility.

Increases Operational Effectiveness

Research shows that poor directional signage has far-reaching implications. Lost patients, missed appointments, staff interruptions and a negative patient experience can significantly impact your brand, profitability and HCAHPS scores. Digital signage systems and wayfinding solutions can help.



LogicJunction’s digital signage and wayfinding solutions also provide a channel for paid advertising engagements, sponsorships and donor recognition.

The overarching result of our integrated technology is an enhanced patient experience, contributing to higher satisfaction scores and a positive image for your facility.

Why LogicJunction?

Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Solutions: LogicJunction combines traditional digital signage with a comprehensive and unique wayfinding solution for your hospital. With an unmatched 100% coverage for all patients, visitors and staff, we work with your existing signage and deliver a solution for any budget. With helpful tools for everyone from patients, to medical staff, to marketing personnel, LogicJunction provides an organization-wide system that produces unique value.

Industry-leading Reputation: LogicJunction has remained an industry leader since our inception in 2000. And we are dedicated to setting the bar with unsurpassed digital signage and wayfinding solutions. Our innovations have reached hospitals across the nation and have established our reputation as a premier source for digital wayfinding solutions.

Discover More about Digital Signage Software for Your Hospital

LogicJunctions’s digital signage helps your patients, visitors and staff have a positive, interactive experience with your facility. We integrate digital signage with our comprehensive wayfinding solutions to provide everything you need for an enhanced on-site experience including:

  • Integrated wayfinding software using web, kiosk or mobile app interfaces
  • Powerful Indoor Mapping System (“IPS”) technology using minimal hardware components
  • Communication tools that integrate proximity-based notifications, educational content, local events and emergency alerts
  • Virtual help or live chat support add-ons
  • Web-based content management tools
  • Reporting and analytics

Contact us for a demo and discover how LogicJunction can assist you with cutting-edge digital signage with integrated wayfinding for your hospital.