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Hospitals are utilizing many technologies that allow patients to more easily access their records, pay their bills, contact nurses and doctors, fill prescriptions, schedule appointments, and more.  One of the main benefits of creating a seamless care journey for the patient is an improved experience.

Indoor location-based services is another technology gaining traction in the industry because it produces digital wayfinding systems that help people navigate indoors.  Providing appropriate signage, references to landmarks, and campus maps before a patient travels to a medical facility is a vital part of helping patients feel at ease prior to receiving care. When a patient is stressed about an upcoming appointment, finding their way to the right parking lot and then around the hospital only increases their stress. Healthcare organizations are using systems like LogicJunction to help bridge this communication gap with their users.

The benefits of digital navigation systems extend beyond emotional experiences. For many hospitals, providing interactive tools often improves operational efficiency as there are fewer patients arriving late or missing appointments and fewer employees interrupted by patients and visitors asking for directions.

While mapping a large medical facility with real-time routes, and packaging it within a mobile-accessible platform sounds like a lengthy process, it’s actually easier than ever before to implement a system like this at your hospital.

“By 2019, 25% of HDOs will use experiential way-finding to enhance the patient experience and competitive differentiation.” — Barry Runyon, Research VP at Gartner

These systems offer seamless integrations between your hospital’s physical space, including signage, branding, digital elements, such as maps, interactive routes, and location-based information. All can be delivered via a mobile app, web browser, or touchscreen kiosks placed directly onsite at your facility.

Patient and Organizational Outcomes

Integrating indoor navigation capabilities into your patient experience strategy provides many benefits:

  • Patients feel more prepared and better acquainted with your hospital
  • Patients and guests have better access to doctor locations, amenities, and events
  • Patients have better visibility to off-site locations and the procedures that occur there
  • Patients feel connected throughout their entire journey and more likely to return for follow-up care

Find Out More

LogicJunction’s indoor navigation systems are used by many of the nation’s leading hospitals to improve patient experience with reliable wayfinding platforms that support your patients throughout their entire journey.  Our products are easily integrated into your digital strategy, with iOS and Android mobile apps, SDKs, browser-based software, and digital displays and have been designed for any sized medical facility, ranging from a small medical office building to large mega-hospitals.

We understand that patient experience is one of your top priorities.  If you’re interested in learning more about indoor location-based services and digital wayfinding systems, connect with our team so we can consult with you on how our products can help fewer people get lost inside your hospital.

SOURCE: Runyon, Barry. “Gartner’s Predictions on Wayfinding in Healthcare 2019.” Eyedog Indoor Navigation - Mobile Wayfinding, Gartner, 28 Mar. 2016, www.eyedog.mobi/news-weblog-eyedog-indoor-navigation/2016/3/28/gartners-predictions-on-wayfinding-in-healthcare-2019.

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